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Date: 31 May 2018
The Board of Directors have agreed to the annual numbers and are now online for all certificate holders in the document section (requires login).

Certificate holders shall be informed of the annual meeting which for this first year report will be online.
Date: 24 March 2018
This month we have also opened the office in Houston and have our support in place. Our Business Development Vice President for NCSA (North, Central and South Americas) will also start working from the Houston office in April of this year and we look forward to have Sarah strengthen our organization. Sarah Hudson shall be under contract of XELLZ Operations B.V. and be the support of our international operations head office. She will be reporting to Wieland Risse (Vice President EMEA).
Date: 02. January 2018
In 2017 XELLZ has opened offices in Dallas – USA, Dublin – Ireland, and Berkel & Rodenrijs – Netherlands.
XELLZ is planning to open a great number of offices in 2018 in Europe, Asia and Middle East as well as South America.
It will be an exciting year for us and with the help of our investors this can all be made possible.
Date: 02. January 2018
We have ensured that all certificate registrations are online for our investors.
This means that if you have a login you will be able to see the certificates that have been registered in your or your company name.
Date: 23. December 2016
The day that XELLZ has been registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce office.